CustomVue Individualized Laser Vision Correction

At Ophthalmic Consultants of Connecticut, CustomLASIK surgery is performed with the VISX CustomVue individualized laser vision correction system. While there are other CustomLASIK systems, VISX is currently recognized as an international leader in innovative technology. With VISX CustomVue, we are able to provide each individual with a uniquely tailored vision correction procedure, brining his or her personal best vision into focus.

What Is CustomVue LASIK Surgery?

The VISX CustomVue system uses WaveScan digital technology to measure each person’s common imperfections as well as unique refractive errors called higher order aberrations. The system creates a three-dimensional map of the correction pattern, which is then used to calibrate the surgical laser for custom corneal reshaping.

The WaveScan technology was originally developed by NASA for their high-powered microscopes used to reduce distortions when viewing objects in space. With this revolutionary technology, we are able to measure each individual’s vision imperfections 25 times more accurately than with methods used in conventional LASIK.

Understanding the Unique Benefits of CustomVue LASIK

In order to fully understand the benefits of CustomLASIK, it is important to know that each individual’s eye is unique as a fingerprint. Prior to the development of wavefront analysis (WaveScan), eye surgeons were only able to use standard measurements to correct vision, which meant the level of correction was limited.

Today, with the use of WaveScan technology, each person’s unique refractive errors can be corrected, allowing us to provide you with even better vision than what is possible with corrective eyewear. At OCC, we like to call this "Your Personal Best Vision."

Why Do We Believe in CustomVue LASIK?

We have witnessed the incredible vision correction results our LASIK patients are able to achieve. In addition, clinical studies of CustomLASIK provide compelling evidence that this procedure is among the most successful today.

One year after CustomLASIK, patients in a clinical study reported the following vision acuity:

  • 100 percent passed the driving test.
  • 98 percent had 20/20 vision.
  • 70 percent had better than 20/20 vision.

During the study, four times as many patients were happy with their night vision following surgery compared to prior to surgery, when they wore glasses or contact lenses.

Achieve Your Best Personal Vision

If you are interested in obtaining your personal best vision and gaining freedom from glasses or contact lenses, you may qualify for CustomVue LASIK.

Please contact us today to schedule your CustomLASIK consultation appointment.

OCC Obtains the Latest LenSx Laser

Committed to providing our vision correction patients with the latest available technology, OCC has acquired yet another revolutionary cataract surgery system called the LenSx Laser. This computer-guided laser enables our doctors to perform laser cataract surgery, an even safer and more precise procedure that enhances your vision correction results and greatly reduces the possibility of complications associated with less advanced surgical devices.

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