ICLs – Implantable Contact Lenses

Implantable contact lenses (ICLs) are permanent lenses that are surgically placed in the eye to correct vision. ICLs are often an excellent treatment choice for patients who are not good candidates for LASIK, PRK and similar refractive procedures.

Unlike traditional contact lenses, ICLs, once placed in the eye, cannot be felt and are essentially undetectable to the naked eye. Depending on the type of ICL, the device is placed either between the clear lens in front of the eye or just behind the iris.

ICL surgery is a pain-free, outpatient procedure performed under numbing eye drops for maximum patient comfort. Full recovery and clear vision is achieved within two to three days in most patients. In fact, in some patients, ICLs can provide even better corrected vision than what can be achieved with laser eye surgery.

Currently there are two types of ICLs approved for use in the United States. Our eye surgeons can help you decide which ICL will best serve your unique vision needs.

Implantable contact lenses are also often referred to as Phakic IOLs.

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OCC Obtains the Latest LenSx Laser

Committed to providing our vision correction patients with the latest available technology, OCC has acquired yet another revolutionary cataract surgery system called the LenSx Laser. This computer-guided laser enables our doctors to perform laser cataract surgery, an even safer and more precise procedure that enhances your vision correction results and greatly reduces the possibility of complications associated with less advanced surgical devices.

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