As a leader in comprehensive eye care and leading-edge vision correction procedures, we at Ophthalmic Consultants of Connecticut are thrilled that our patients are consistently satisfied with the care they receive at our practice. We would like to share with you some of the wonderful voices and experiences of our Fairfield eye care patients.

“Ever since, after considerable research, I chose OCC for my cataract surgery, I have been impressed with them. At every appointment, both pre- and post-surgery, the office staff has been courteous, accurate, and prompt. Dr. Jon Stein is a caring professional who explains every procedure to his patients.

OCC has met and surpassed all my expectations for my eye care needs now and those I may need in the future.”

W. G.

OCC Obtains the Latest LenSx Laser

Committed to providing our vision correction patients with the latest available technology, OCC has acquired yet another revolutionary cataract surgery system called the LenSx Laser. This computer-guided laser enables our doctors to perform laser cataract surgery, an even safer and more precise procedure that enhances your vision correction results and greatly reduces the possibility of complications associated with less advanced surgical devices.

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