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When it comes to keeping your eyes safe, there are a few stringent rules that you must abide by when putting on makeup. You need to make sure you are being safe with everything you put on or near your eyes, as the damage done to the eyes can be immediate and difficult to reverse. In order to keep your eyes safe while still wearing the makeup you love, follow these tips each time you put makeup on.

Mascara Has a Shelf Life

One of the staples of eye makeup is mascara, but using it is not always straight forward. You need to mark down when you buy it, and make sure that you throw it out if it has gone past four months. You should throw it out at the first signs of it drying out, and replace it. Adding moisture to it only has the potential to introduce infection into your eyes, and should always be avoided.

Sharing Makeup is Dangerous

Just because your eyes are used to your germs, does not mean that all eye germs are the same. Sharing eye makeup with a friend can introduce a whole new set of germs to your makeup, and thus, your eyes. Instead of hurting your eyes, even inadvertently, make sure that you are the only one using your makeup.

Don’t Use Makeup from Other Parts of Your Face On Your Eyes

Lip liners are meant for lips, so no matter how much you may want your lips and your eyes to match, you need to keep your makeup separate. Use the makeup intended for your eyes, just on your eyes, and don’t use the same makeup for the rest of your face. Cross-contamination can be dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs.

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